Sock Stories – August 2020

Please note – when pattern names are linked with quote marks around them, they are linked to Ravelry site pages. If there are no quote marks, they are links to previous blog posts or elsewhere on the internet.

Socks! I’ve actually been knitting socks! So, in honour of that, let’s share some sock pictures, shall we!

This is the pair of “Let It Shine Socks” I made for my sister. I loved the rainbow of the yarn, which is a Canadian dyer named Lake Knit Yarns. The busy, beautiful yarn needed a simple pattern to let the yarn shine, so the Let It Shine pattern was aptly named and well suited for this yarn.

Also making progress this month was Sock 1 of my “Cozy Autumn Socks.” I was a little shocked when I saw on my Ravelry project page that I started this pair in January. January! My goodness, it feels like we’ve lived a thousand lifetimes since January, and this poor sock has limped along with only the odd row or two being worked. Here’s a secret – apparently, if you take the time and give some undivided attention to a pattern, you can actually make progress and get the thing done. Share this secret widely.

I also cranked out a pair of Vanilla socks for my mum using some Regia. I have a soft spot for self patterning yarn. Very little effort, and a fun pair of socks is the payoff.

Did I mention that I’ve been making socks? So, because two pairs were completed, I started another pair of vanilla, again using a local Canadian Dyer, this time The Yarn Therapist. She had a trunk show at a LYS before the pandemic, and a friend and I shopped. I bought a sock set, the main yarn being self striping. The colourway is called RGB (after Ruth Bader Ginsburg), but I’ve come to think of them as my Hufflepuff-ish socks.

So yeah, for someone who had very little sock mojo a few months ago, the inspiration has returned. It’s very likely the return is related to the fact that vanilla socks are simple to knit on the back deck while reading… yeah, there’s probably a lot of correlation there.

Happy knitting! It’ll be sock weather again before we know it!

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