The coziest winter yet

Please note – when pattern names are linked with quote marks around them, they are linked to Ravelry site pages. If there are no quote marks, they are links to previous blog posts or elsewhere on the internet.

I know I’ve written about this before, but I’m definitely on a sweater kick. I mean, let’s look at the evidence.

At the start of the pandemic in mid/late March, I started Elkko (links directly to Knitty), a sweater I powered through in about two weeks.

And since then, I’ve finished A Mount Pleasant crop, two V-Neck Magpie shirts, a Summer Secret Top, not to mention a sweater for my brother’s dog. Oh, and on my needles are three more sweaters, all for me.

I know all this sweater knitting is coming from the sheer amount of OTHER objects I have in my wardrobe. My shawls and cowls are plentiful, and goodness knows my sock drawer is overflowing.

The sweaters on-the-go are “Very V Neck Raglan” by Jessie Maed Designs, “Vatsland Jumper” by Ella Gordon, and “Sock Arms” by Stephanie Lotven. Sock Arms got a lot of attention during work video meetings. It had rounds and rounds of stockinette in fingering weight yarn, and my nervous energy needed to be funneled somewhere during those meetings, so knitting this sweater was ideal. Over the last week or so, I was able to give it some undivided attention, and I finished the body and got the first sleeve started.

As the name implies, the highlight of this sweater is the contrasting sleeves, an excellent way to showcase self striping or self patterning yarn on your arms as opposed to on your feet.

As soon as the self stripes were starting to take form, I texted this picture to a friend:

I am so pleased with how this sweater is shaping up!

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