Another Adventure in Dyeing

Did you know that, in Canada, Kool Aid flavour packets are VERY hard to come by? Goes to show how often I’ve bought Kool Aid through the years, that I only discovered this after trying to buy some to dye yarn. I was out of luck. When a small local convenience store was advertised as selling these flavour packets, I had to go immediately and buy some. I managed to snag 10 packets total, a mix of Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry, and Orange. Funnily enough, a few days later, there was another local store boasting flavour packets, and I bought another handful of flavours, including Cherry, Black Cherry, and Mixed Berry. After a final purchase from a LYS, I had two undyed skeins ready for experimenting.

Skein one I knew I wanted to try speckles, but I really didn’t have a plan. I added one pack each of Pink Lemonade and Strawberry to an empty spice shaker, I got my skein wet and laid out on a baking tray, and I got to shaking the colour on the yarn. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have added them together if I wanted a visible difference in the speckles, but I wasn’t mad how it turned out. I microwaved my yarn to heat and set the colour.

This was my first time using a colour source that had a scent to it! It was probably the biggest difference, in my mind. The smell coming out of my microwave was very fruity!

I am very happy with how the speckles turned out, in fact, I think it came out just as I hoped it would.

I decided on my plan for Skein 2 after watching a few of ChemKnits YouTube videos. Dip Dyeing was a technique I hadn’t tried before, so that’s what I did with Skein 2 and the four packs of Black Cherry Kool-Aid. My previous dyeing has largely been in the slow cooker with Wilton colours, and it takes hours for the dye to absorb and the dye bath to exhaust, and I was amazed at how quickly the colour absorbed and how quick the dyeing process was. I might have to try Kool-Aid in the slow cooker to see if the time difference is a difference in methods or materials.

Ultimately, this has been a huge success and I’m extremely pleased with my two new skeins.

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