Finished Object Friday: Little Secret Crop

Last week, I finished the Little Secret Crop (RAV LINK) by Jessie Maed Designs. Just a refresher – I made it with DK weight cotton yarn I frogged from a shawl I never wore. It was an addictive knit, with the 3×3 ribbing being perfect for webinar or virtual meeting knitting. It felt like it flew off my needles.

I will note, I made the large size and noticed two minor errors with this pattern. Being a confident knitter, it didn’t throw me at all, but I feel like a lot of new knitters make patterns by Jessie Mae, so I was clear in my Rav notes, and I’ll be clear here, about what the mistakes are. For size Large, when decreasing for the front, rows 3 & 4, it says to repeat 3 MORE times, but I think, in order to get the required number of stitches, it should be 3 times TOTAL. At least, I’m hoping I mathed correctly on that… Also, for the right strap set up, work as follows: sl1pwyif, K1, sl1pwyif, K1, sl1pwyif. Turn. That way, your stitches are correct for the start of the right strap.

For real though, this is now the third pattern I’ve made by her, and all three of these garments are so very flattering and comfortable.

Happy summer knitting!

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