The art of using two yarns at once

I am incredibly impressed with continental knitters.

I’m right handed, so when I taught myself how to knit all those years ago, I never would have thought to try a technique using my non-dominant hand. I’m right handed. I should hold the yarn in my right hand. That’s how I knit. I never thought twice about it.

Enter stranded colour work.

All of a sudden, I have yarn in both hands, and I am fumbling to keep tension as feel like I’m working some knitting magic.

It’s not a technique I’ve used a lot. Perhaps it’s because I feel so darn awkward that I typically skim past those projects. Many stranded projects don’t grab my interest from a personal aesthetic standpoint. Icefall, by Tin Can Knits, however, is an exception.

The start of this sweater was a lesson in humility. I was working with the main colour in my right hand, contrast in my left, and I felt as though I was having to reteach myself how to hold yarn, how to tension with my left hand, all the while trying to keep a grip on the project itself. It took a few rounds, but after a while, I felt a sense of coordination. A few rounds more and, dare I say, I felt almost proficient.

There will be a lot of main colour only between the bottom hem and the colourwork yoke. It’s a safe bet I’m having to go through these hoops of learning all over again once I get there.

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