Reasons Why I’m Not Knitting

Reason #1 – THIS GUY.

Well, I suppose the list could just be explained by my dashing dog. He is the reason knitting is becoming a challenge.

BUT, really, when he curls up onto your lap to take a nap, what monster would dare try to move him because it would make knitting easier, or because you’ve left your project on the other side of the room. Not me. My lap was the chosen lap. Knitting can wait while he takes a rest.

Reason #2 – Again, this guy. Despite toys everywhere, he’s been gravitating towards stealing balls of yarn. Balls of yarn that then get tangled and need re-winding. And that takes time. And patience.

Those two pictures of the same ball of yarn – tangled on TWO different occasions…

So, yeah. The big reasons why my knitting is, at times, stalling, is because of my dog. He’s worth it though.

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