I Suppose, a Stash Update?

Earlier last week, I was in that awkward time between finishing a project and trying to decide what to start next. I took a look at my stash and sent the following picture to my friend:

Yes, that’s a small plastic bin, filled with yarn intended for sweaters.

I supposed I was best to start working on a sweater…

Shortly after sending that picture, I took the black sock yarn that’s near the top, wound it into a ball, and cast on the 250+ stitches I needed for the next project.

I adore self striping sock yarn, and when Stephanie Lotven released her latest book, Knit Happy with Self-Striping Yarn: Bright, Fun, and Colorful Sweaters and Accessories Made Easy, it was one of the fastest pattern books I’ve ever bought. I’ve cast on for the pattern Bright Axis (RAV LINK). The black Cascade Heritage will be the main colour for the body, and I have quite a few balls of Knit Picks Felici in the Time Traveler colourway for the contrast colour around the shoulders.

So, sweaters it is.

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