Last Sweater of 2021 – Ranunculus

Ok. I finally get it. I get the appeal of the Ranunculus (RAV LINK) Sweater. You know the one – it’s a sweater that’s ALWAYS on the Ravelry Hot Right Now top pages. With over 10,000 projects associated with the pattern. Yeah, that one.

My friend Victoria made a Ranunculus months ago and was singing the praises of this pattern. I believe, to date, she’s made two of them. After I bought some yellow Leo & Roxy Basics, I thought, why not give Ranunculus a go. After all, over 10,000 people thought it was knit worthy, and Victoria’s knitting opinions are held in exceptionally high regard by me. So, this summer, I cast it on.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing.

They recommend a Double Twist Loop cast on, something I hadn’t done before. So I sat through YouTube videos and stumbled through this new-to-me technique.

The yoke of the sweater is utterly stunning, with textured twists and simple lace details. There are no charts for the yoke, so I was reading along for the stitches, not my preferred way to work.

The yarn, oh my. I ADORE Leo and Roxy. I’ve made several projects with their yarn, including a pair of socks, the Doctor Who inspired cowl I made this summer, and the marled set I made for my nephew. I love this yarn. The sweater I made only took one skein of yarn. I knit the body for a few extra centimetres, and I knit the bottom ribbing until I (almost) ran out of yarn, maximizing the skein. I love the yarn.


The yarn was fingering weight. The needles were 6mm. This made for awkward knitting for essentially the whole project. The yoke details were awkward work, the stockinette was awkward work, the twisted rib hem was awkward. I’ve learned I don’t love light yarn and big needles. It’s just… awkward.

The sweater is cropped on me, falling around/just below my natural waist. If I wanted to have used more yarn, I could have easily made it longer. I’m also, I think, lucky with the final fit. The pattern is unusual as it doesn’t offer a variety of sizes. Knitters can choose any weight of yarn and simply cast on the sweater, make it according to directions, and block to dimensions. (There is a second file with your purchase for directions of making the sweater for a larger bust). I’m rather lucky that making the sweater as per directions is, I think, rather flattering on my figure. The sweater does give a few design options: You can choose for wider or smaller neckline, and you can choose long or short sleeves. I went wider neck and short sleeves (obviously).

Despite not loving the process, the final product, well, the final product was 10000% worth it. I tried on the sweater, and it was that lightbulb moment. It was the “yes, now I get it” moment. I understood why it is so darn popular. It’s because it is stunning.

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