A little of this, a little of that…

I love the warmer weather. It’s warm enough to enjoy my back deck, and I don’t need layers and layers when walking my dog around the neighbourhood. Warmer weather means back yard time, and back yard time means knitting and reading more.

I don’t know what has led to my lack of reading motivation. Maybe I just can’t get comfy inside to read. But give me my back deck, a book, a blanket for the still-cool wind, and a simple knitting project, and I’m as happy as can be. On Easter Sunday, I spent the afternoon outside, Dash happily sprawled out beside me, and I read chapters and chapters of a book I’ve been idling on for months.

I love the warmer weather.

So, what have I been knitting away at? I just finished my replacement Michelle Mittens, the pair I was able to graft in the round for and thereby saved a bunch of yarn and time! I also begrudgingly settled in to fix a pair of socks that sprung a hole. The yarn was seemingly spliced together by the dyer, and I didn’t do a great job at securing it all when I was knitting them. So, I ripped back where the hole was and am using the yarn I have left to try and save this pair.

Needing a good, mindless project for the next little while, I’ve been knitting rounds on my Bright Axis (RAV LINK) by Stephanie Lotven. Rounds and rounds of stockinette for the body of this sweater. Meanwhile, the sleeves of my
Icefall, also rounds and rounds of stockinette, I’m sure must be feeling a little put out as I’m really dragging my feet working on them…

Meanwhile, over in my baking realm… Let’s just say, I’m a little cross at Hot Cross Buns. The recipe I used was an older one, so perhaps the chemistry was a little off, but four batches, all of which turned out a little on the toasty side…

But, to go along with the (disappointing) hot cross buns, I did successfully make Lemon Curd. I mean, just look at this presentation.

It could have been a little more on the tart side, but, in summary, YUM.

I also remade the Brown Sugar Shortbread cookies, this time using toffee chips rather than chocolate chips. The experiment was a success. I want to try this one again, playing with the baking temps and time, aiming to soften them up, if possible.

So. A little of this, a little of that.

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