Some Patience and Temperance

I’ve started a new shawl. I fell in love with the Temperance Shawl (RAV LINK) when it was released last year. Maybe it was the shawl, maybe it was the colours of the yarn, I’m not too sure which. I’ve finally gotten around to starting my own, although the colours are a wee bit different from the pattern.

In the first wave in Spring 2020, a LYS had a mystery yarn option – there were three price levels to choose from, and they put together a surprise bag with items equaling that price point. I received two lovely skeins of Sweet Georgia – a solid purple and a purple/multi coloured speckled – and they’ve sat in my stash until last week.

Last Saturday was LYS day, so I went back to that LYS where I got my first two skeins and bought a final skein of Sweet Georgia, the colour of which was a variegated purple, one that worked as an in-between for the first two. Not quite solid, not quite speckled.

So, last weekend, I finally cast on the Temperance Shawl. And then, a row or so in, I realized I made a mistake, so I frogged and once again cast on the Temperance Shawl. Little did I know, I would end up repeating this at least three more times. I lost track of exactly how many thanks to time passing and the sheer annoyance I felt in the moment.

It was worth it though. Temperance is coming along nicely, and these colours work so well together.

I’m HOPING to have this shawl finished by early June to wear to a wedding. It’s always the start of a shawl that feels like it goes the quickest, so even though I’ve made progress, I know it’s once I have rows with even more stitches that it will start to drag along. But, I have a goal, a deadline, and sheer stubbornness on my side.

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