Does the yarn choose the pattern, or does the pattern choose the yarn

There is a delightful time right after finishing projects of ‘what’s next.’ Sure, I have socks and sweaters on the go, and yes, I really should be working on them, but, there’s always the allure of new projects, of finding something new to cast on.

How do you go about that? Does the yarn choose the pattern, or does the pattern choose the yarn?

I’m more of a ‘work with the stash’ kinda person. That doesn’t mean I won’t buy yarn to work with a specific project, like the yarn I bought in February hoping to make a Fezziwig sweater. However, more often than not, when I’m searching for a new project to start, I turn to my stash.

For me, this tends to work best for sock/sport/DK yarns. When I’m buying yarn, I’m not likely to buy several skeins of a heavier weight, but a single skein or two of the lighter yarns means there’s a lot more future project potential. Simply stated, there’s a lot more yardage per skein with the lighter yarns.

When I’m searching for my next knit, the features of Ravelry are super helpful for me. Now, that said, I recognize my ableism in saying this, knowing that Ravelry isn’t accessible to many. What I find handy about Rav is their stash feature and using it to keep track of yardages per skein. Workarounds for this could be a simple Google Sheet, and with formulas, it could simply keep track of yardages, much like Rav does.

So, to answer my own question, for me, the yarn chooses the project. Mostly…

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