A well worked cable

I had almost forgotten how much I love cables, both working projects that feature cables and the finished look of a good, simple cable.

Enter Fezziwig.

I’ve made quick work of this sweater, but, really, aran weight yarn and 8mm needles… yeah, it works up quick. A few weeks since casting on, and I’m now toiling away at the ribbed bottom edge. While that sounds like coming to an end, I still have two sleeves, two pocket linings, and the collar and button band to finish. There’s still quite a bit of knitting to go. But, the body of the cardigan features cables, both along the centre back and along the pockets.

Please tell me what gives you more knitting satisfaction than a well worked cable? I mean, lace is lovely, colourwork has its appeal, but a good cable? So pretty. I realized, looking back at my Ravelry notebook, how little cabling I’ve done recently. Lots of lace, dabbled with colourwork, stockinette is always a staple, but cables, they’ve been few and far between!

Now, my cable crazed brain is eying all intricate cable sweaters – think Chris Evans’s iconic cabled sweater in Knives Out. So great. How many more cable knits can I make? Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “A well worked cable”

  1. Ohhh, the cable bug! Yeah, I got bitten, too, recently. It’s weird – I can go months without cables and then, all of a sudden, I NEED to knit them, as many as possible, and in as many forms as I can. I really love yours! Very neat and satisfying indeed.

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