Year of Dishcloths

There is no rhyme, no real reason why, but I love making dishcloths. They’re quick, so they give the satisfaction of a fast finished project. There’s also something about dishcloth cotton. It’s just so crunchy and comes in the most delightful colour combos. And, of course, there’s the complete functionality of the item being crafted. I use my dishcloths day in and day out.

There’s a few basic patterns I turn to and, by this point, can make in my sleep if I had to. But I’m never one to turn away from new patterns, so when I learned about The Kitchen Sink Shop’s Year of Dishcloths Pattern Club, I had to participate. It was easy to join in – simply sign up to her newsletter, and once a month, you’ll get a new dishcloth pattern in your inbox. The theme this year is “Yummy Sweet Treats” so along with the pattern, you get a recipe which inspired the design!

A few weekends ago, I finished January’s dishcloth and happily added it to the drawer.

And, right on time, on February 1, February’s pattern made its way into my inbox. I’m looking forward to having 12 new dishcloths in my drawer by the end of the year!


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