When your escape starts to feel like a chore

It happened last week. I was knitting, and it felt more like a chore than an escape. With little else to do other than read, watch tv, clean and knit, the knitting felt more methodical than enjoyable. It was a strange thing, when ‘your thing’ feels cumbersome.

So what did I do? I dug through my basement and found my cross stitch.  I first started cross stitching in high school and have picked up this craft every now and again. There are some things I’ve made that I’m quite pleased about, like the Supernatural piece I made for my sister, or the in depth dog piece I made for my mum, but cross stitching involves more attention than the muscle memory actions of knitting, and knitting feels faster in many regards, so impatience  usually wins out and knitting is my go to.

I bought two Doctor Who related patterns from etsy: one will be a silly gift for my mum, and one is inspired by the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. I started that patern this weekend and LOVE how it’s progressing so far! It seemed like a good gateway between knitting and cross stitch!  More importantly, it’s giving me another creative outlet, other than knitting (which I do not want to get bored of) or cooking (because, really, I did NOT need to make four dozen chocolate chip cookie which I will inevitably eat all by myself…)

Stay well!