A 2017 Blog Lookback

As 2017 has drawn to its inevitable close and we’ve welcomed the new year, I thought I would use this first post of 2018 to look back at the past year. These are my top viewed posts from the year.

2017 Yarn Challenge

Every year, one of my LYS hosts a yarn challenge: they choose the yarn, participants choose their design. This is my post introducing the challenge.

‘How Many Pairs of Socks Do You Need’

My co-worker asked this question one day at lunch; I thought about my answer and wrote about it here.

Hagrid Was A  Knitter

I loved this post. I love Harry Potter and adore patterns inspired by this series.

A Sontag by Any Other Name

In perusing a 100+ year old knitting publication, they had a pattern looking like a sontag. I looked at their pattern and compared it to Godey’s classic pattern from the 1860s.

Taking Your Knitting for a Walk

Inspired by a post by This Knitted Life, I tried something outside of my comfort zone and tried knitting and walking. I loved it and wrote about my experience.

Story Behind the Sontag

While this wasn’t written in 2017, it was my most viewed post for the year.

Thank you for reading my humble blog, and I truly hope you’ll continue to follow my adventures into 2018.

In My Other Blogging Life

For a number of months, I have been maintaining this blog with a new post every week.  It’s a fun way for me to share my love of knitting, of crafting, and of generally sharing select aspects of my life.  This blog in and of itself is another creative outlet for me, and to those who take the time to stop and read my posts, I thank you.  This is what I write about in my personal time about my personal life.  Professionally, however, I have been blogging for over two years.  Perhaps that’s how I first got bitten by the ‘writing bug.’

I work for a small community Museum, and we maintain a blog also hosted here on WordPress.  Somehow, over the 4+ years I’ve been working at this site I love, I have become, among other things, a social media co-ordinator, and the blog maintenance falls to me.  We have a monthly feature looking at newspaper headlines from years ago, we have students throughout the year who help share their experiences at the Museum, and we have dozens of previously written historical articles that make for perfect blog content.  But, every so often, original content needs to be written, and I happy sit, research, and write.  I studied history in school, so writing new posts for the blog brings be back to those days when I was writing dozens of essays for my various classes.  This time, it’s better because I’m not stressing about what grade the writing will get.  I write for the sheer enjoyment of writing about topics I am truly passionate about.

My WordPress reader really is a funny space because it is a great mixture of knitting and handicraft blogs to history and museum blogs, very aptly reflective of my life and interests.  I loved writing my post about the Sontag because it combined my love of research and knitting, and it’s made me want to find more historical patterns to knit and learn more about.  The Sontag is still on my needles, but I’m nearing the finish line!  Once it’s finished, I’ll share pictures of the finished object, along with me in my Victorian finest!