When a Knitter Takes Time To Bake

I love baking. Give me flour, sugar, butter, and an oven pre-heated to 350F, I’m a happy girl. I’ve talked about my baking hobby in a previous post, sharing pictures of Easter cupcakes from a few years ago.

When my boss started planning her May 2017 wedding, she asked me to make the cake – Red Velvet with a Vince Neil cake topper. (Side note, my boss is an amazing person whose interests span from cemeteries and museums to Motley Crue. She’s awesome.) Making the cake, easy enough. We looked at a few pictures online of other ‘rock concert themed’ cakes for inspiration, so I had a mental image of how it will all come together, but where I started to stumble was the Red Velvet Cake.

Like many home bakers, I start with a box mix then use my own add ins. My standard not-so-secret personal touches include milk instead of water and using butter instead of oil and doubling the amount called for. The richness given to the cake because of the butter is amazing.  My go-to cake flavour is vanilla. It’s my personal favourite so I make it a lot.  Chocolate cake has been made on occasion, but I had never before made Red Velvet. Challenge accepted.

Red velvet.jpg

After a few Google searches on the best box-hacks to make Red Velvet and one not-so-successful attempt with using Devil’s Food Cake as my start (it is too chocolate-y to get a good red colour), I found the perfect combo.

1 box of Golden Cake Mix
2 tbsp cocoa
1/2 cup melted butter
1 cup buttermilk (I wanted more tang with the flavouring – Buttermilk gave this!)
3 eggs
1 tsp Wilton No-Taste Red Food Paste*

Mix together the box mix and sifted cocoa powder.  Add the wet ingredients and follow the recommended baking times and temperatures set out on the box.

*This is important – NO-TASTE! If it’s not the no-taste, you may end up with a rather bitter and, well, gross, taste to your cake.

I did not try using liquid food colouring as I was concerned it may have also given that bitter aftertaste, and knowing this was for a wedding, I wasn’t leaving anything to chance.

Here is the batter:


And here is the finished trial cupcake:

Paired with a simple cream cheese icing, this recipe was a hit. The cake was rich and moist, and the colour was indeed red.  I could have added more colouring for a deeper colour, but I was happy with the result.

As for the final cake, once decorated with fondant and the Vince Neil topper:



Decorating Your Cake, and Eating It Too!

Yeah, I’ll drop all presences and state unequivocally that I enjoy decorated cakes and cupcakes largely so that I can enjoy the fruits of my labour.  Yes, with knitting, I get to wear the finished product, but with cakes, I get to EAT said products!  …I have a major sweet tooth…

My parents hosted Easter dinner this past Saturday, and for dessert, I made my go-to dessert, cupcakes.  A few years ago, I made mini cupcakes, each topped with a few Mini Eggs for a spring/Easter look.

2013’s Easter cupcakes, complete with chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies

I didn’t alter 2013’s cupcakes too much for this year, again keeping with a spring theme, topping each cupcake with grass and flowers.  Wilton also sells these fun cupcake wrappers which make the cupcakes look even fancier than they are, and the white picket fence was the perfect way to finish my floral garden cupcakes.

2015’s Springtime cupcakes

They tasted pretty good too.

Because of the Easter weekend and because April is shaping up to be a busy month at work, I am right now on day 4 of 5 days off in a row, so I have also got a lot of knitting done! I am more than halfway done my second Gryffindor scarf, I finished my ‘camouflage’ socks, and I have finished the leg to my self-striping turtle toes socks.  Lots to keep me busy!

How can you even see my toes with the camouflage yarn?!  Nice warm toes in nice warm socks
How can you even see my toes with the camouflage yarn?! Nice warm toes in nice warm socks