Finished Object Friday

Last weekend, I was able to FINALLY get my Vatsland Jumper (RAV LINK) off my needles! It only took months and months of knitting and then sitting idle, realizing I didn’t have enough yarn, buying more, sitting idle again, and then more knitting until it got complete!

The yarn, well, the yarn is itchy. It’s 100% wool, and it’s rather wooly wool. Wool is itchy. Such is life. But a warm, albeit itchy, sweater is perfect for fall and early spring. This one has 3/4 length sleeves, so it is paired nicely with longer gloves.

Just in time for sweater weather.

Finished Object Friday: Little Secret Crop

Last week, I finished the Little Secret Crop (RAV LINK) by Jessie Maed Designs. Just a refresher – I made it with DK weight cotton yarn I frogged from a shawl I never wore. It was an addictive knit, with the 3×3 ribbing being perfect for webinar or virtual meeting knitting. It felt like it flew off my needles.

I will note, I made the large size and noticed two minor errors with this pattern. Being a confident knitter, it didn’t throw me at all, but I feel like a lot of new knitters make patterns by Jessie Mae, so I was clear in my Rav notes, and I’ll be clear here, about what the mistakes are. For size Large, when decreasing for the front, rows 3 & 4, it says to repeat 3 MORE times, but I think, in order to get the required number of stitches, it should be 3 times TOTAL. At least, I’m hoping I mathed correctly on that… Also, for the right strap set up, work as follows: sl1pwyif, K1, sl1pwyif, K1, sl1pwyif. Turn. That way, your stitches are correct for the start of the right strap.

For real though, this is now the third pattern I’ve made by her, and all three of these garments are so very flattering and comfortable.

Happy summer knitting!

Me Made May

Have you ever done Me Made May? The name is essentially what it’s all about: that throughout the month, you will wear something each day that you have made. I challenged myself for the first time this year -it gave me a chance to show off my assortment of garments and a challenge for something new each day. Things in Ontario, pandemic-wise, weren’t so great at the end of April (and haven’t been for a WHILE), so this is gave me something to look forward to and reasons not to wear sweatpants 24/7.

I documented my wardrobe over on my Instagram page, posting a new picture every day with my knitting item… my poor Instagram followers…

The challenge has been interesting in that I had to really put thought into what I’m going to wear. I also wore things, like my Doodler shawl, that don’t get worn very often. Everyone, I’m sure, has their favourite pieces or items that get more more often than others, so I dug a little deeper into the wardrobe and giving items not often worn a chance to shine.

By mid month, things got hot here in Ontario – it almost felt like we skipped a season – wearing wool started feeling a little more like a chore or punishment than a fun daily challenge, but I persevered!

Would I do this again? Maybe. I don’t think I’d want to do it again in May because, heat and humidity reared their ugly heads. Also, I feel like my knitted wardrobe got a good amount of attention this time around, so I’d want a big slew of new things to show off if I was to do this again. But all in all, it was fun, I didn’t appear to annoy too many people with my daily posts, and it gave me something to look forward to each day.

Autumn just got a little cozier

Being in a bit of a sock slump as of late meant that it was remarkable that I hunkered down and finished a pair of socks this weekend. What’s even more remarkable to me is that, according to my Ravelry page, I’ve had this pair of socks ongoing since January 2020. Yes, you read that right. I started this pair 17 months ago. This pair of socks was on my needles, in some form or another, longer than the pandemic has lasted thus far.

BUT, some dedicated knitting over the last week means I have a new pair of socks for my feet, and aren’t they PRETTY!

The pattern is Cozy Autumn Socks (RAV LINK) by This Handmade Life, a free pattern on their Ravelry page (and if it’s available off rav, I’m sorry, but a quick google search on my part turned up empty).

I was suckered in to this pattern by the simple lace pattern, creating the look of cables. It was all achieved with yarn overs, K2Tog and SSK – no cabling at all. I’ve had the yarn, Robosheep Yarns Sock in colourway Zombie Face, in my stash since the 2018 Toronto Yarn Hop, and it worked up into lovely socks.

Why on earth it took me so long to get finished, I have no idea. My overall sock-enthusiasm hasn’t been high. Could it be less places for me to take my vanilla socks out to? Could it be the bursting dresser drawer already filled with socks? Who’s to say, really. BUT, I did manage to get the cuff and over 30 rounds of leg finished on a new pair yesterday alone. This time, the pattern was Kate Atherley’s latest design, A Dip in the Road. The subtle garter striping is amazing. Maybe my sock mojo’s back?

Remaking a Yarn Wreath

My yarn wreath makes me happy. I made this wreath a few years ago and it brings a pop of whimsy to my front door.

However, when I was grabbing my Christmas wreath to sub out a few weeks ago, it fell unceremoniously onto the floor of my basement, and the styrofoam wreath form cracked and broke. Once the holidays are over, I wanted another yarn wreath to adorn my door, so I got to work.

I bought this rustic form from the dollar store (yay affordability!). On my previous wreath, all the yarn balls were made from yarn wrapped carefully around styrofoam balls, so I cut away the old, rather dusty yarn and got to work glue gunning and rewrapping the wreath with new yarn. I’ve always liked teals and browns together, and I thought these colours would go well with the rustic wreath.

And I’m rather pleased with the finished result.