Autumn just got a little cozier

Being in a bit of a sock slump as of late meant that it was remarkable that I hunkered down and finished a pair of socks this weekend. What’s even more remarkable to me is that, according to my Ravelry page, I’ve had this pair of socks ongoing since January 2020. Yes, you read that right. I started this pair 17 months ago. This pair of socks was on my needles, in some form or another, longer than the pandemic has lasted thus far.

BUT, some dedicated knitting over the last week means I have a new pair of socks for my feet, and aren’t they PRETTY!

The pattern is Cozy Autumn Socks (RAV LINK) by This Handmade Life, a free pattern on their Ravelry page (and if it’s available off rav, I’m sorry, but a quick google search on my part turned up empty).

I was suckered in to this pattern by the simple lace pattern, creating the look of cables. It was all achieved with yarn overs, K2Tog and SSK – no cabling at all. I’ve had the yarn, Robosheep Yarns Sock in colourway Zombie Face, in my stash since the 2018 Toronto Yarn Hop, and it worked up into lovely socks.

Why on earth it took me so long to get finished, I have no idea. My overall sock-enthusiasm hasn’t been high. Could it be less places for me to take my vanilla socks out to? Could it be the bursting dresser drawer already filled with socks? Who’s to say, really. BUT, I did manage to get the cuff and over 30 rounds of leg finished on a new pair yesterday alone. This time, the pattern was Kate Atherley’s latest design, A Dip in the Road. The subtle garter striping is amazing. Maybe my sock mojo’s back?

Remaking a Yarn Wreath

My yarn wreath makes me happy. I made this wreath a few years ago and it brings a pop of whimsy to my front door.

However, when I was grabbing my Christmas wreath to sub out a few weeks ago, it fell unceremoniously onto the floor of my basement, and the styrofoam wreath form cracked and broke. Once the holidays are over, I wanted another yarn wreath to adorn my door, so I got to work.

I bought this rustic form from the dollar store (yay affordability!). On my previous wreath, all the yarn balls were made from yarn wrapped carefully around styrofoam balls, so I cut away the old, rather dusty yarn and got to work glue gunning and rewrapping the wreath with new yarn. I’ve always liked teals and browns together, and I thought these colours would go well with the rustic wreath.

And I’m rather pleased with the finished result.

2020 Yarn Challenge Reveal

Please note – when pattern names are linked with quote marks around them, they are linked to Ravelry site pages. If there are no quote marks, they are links to previous blog posts or elsewhere on the internet.

Every year, one of my LYSs hosts a ‘yarn challenge’ – a yarn and colours are selected, and participants create based on those kits. This year, the pandemic delayed the challenge and the reveal. I was finished my object by March 12, remembering the day quite well as it was right before that fateful Friday the 13th here in Ontario. We were in lockdown after that weekend.

As a refresher, the selected yarns and colours were:

The Estelle Double Knit yarn was quite nice to work with, and here is what I made:

The pattern I used was “Hot Water Bottle Cover” by Emily Bolduan, and it came together very fast. I had no rhyme or reason for the striping, but I knit until I liked the stripe length, then I switched to a new colour. As well, I improvised the bottom of the cover – the pattern instructs to use Judy’s Cast On or a mattress seam (which one you use depends on if you make it top down or bottom up), but I wanted to be able to have an open bottom, making it far easier to insert and remove the hot water bottle, so I did some simple ribbing with one row of yarn over eyelets for the button holes.

This hot water bottle cover came in handy last week when I went camping. One night, the temperature was hovering near the freezing mark, and my many layers of wool and the hot water bottle kept me warm. I’d also like to think the cover helped insulate the water bottle, and whether that thought was a placebo or not, I was warm enough to make it through the cold camping nights.

Lucky number 7?

Please note – when pattern names are linked with quote marks around them, they are linked to Ravelry site pages. If there are no quote marks, they are links to previous blog posts or elsewhere on the internet.

Back in March, when Ontario first shut down due to the pandemic, I joked that I should measure its length in sweaters. Well, this pandemic is now seven sweaters long.

Here is the latest project off my needles. This is the sweater I mentioned when I said I was knitting during video meetings. The body was beautiful stockinette, so lots of knitting in the round with the odd round of waist shaping. I opted to make the sleeves 3/4 length, and I’m so happy I did. Also, I was worried about having enough MC to work the entire body, so I knit all ribbing details in a second contrast colour – black. This is another design choice I’m SO glad I made – the pops of black I find add extra interest without taking away from the BIG feature – the sleeves.

Here are the sweater details:

Pattern: “Sock Arms” by Stephanie Lotven

MC: Log House Cottage Squishy Sock (a Canadian dyer);
Sleeves CC: Biscotte Yarns Bis-Sock – colour is Mon pays c’est l’hiver (another Canadian dyer and MY GOODNESS I LOVE their yarn)
CC2: Cascase Heritage Sock (simple, hardy, a classic yarn)