A Better Pathway

Last week I wrote about hats that were seemingly flying off my needles, one of which was the start of the Pathways hat, inspired by a hat worn on Once Upon a Time. Well, that hat certainly flew and I was able to cast off and even wove in the cast off tail.  What a mistake. As soon as I was done weaving, I tried it on and it fit rather small. I’m a tight knitter, and other people on Ravelry found that the pattern as written ended up a little small.  We all know how much I like frogging my projects *insert the largest eye roll here*

If this is a project you’re hoping to undertake (and I would ultimately recommend it because the finished hat is super cute and made with worsted weight makes it cozy), what worked for me was making the ribbed brim with 4.5mm needles, and the body was made with 5.5mm.  The hat was simple, with sections of cables, stockinette and seed stitch, and once I adjusted the needles I used, it made a really cute hat.

It’s now going into the pile of finished gifts, put aside for the end of December.

Hats off to Stash Down

One of the several reasons why I love knitting is the sense of gratification one gets by seeing your project grow.  You can see your progress, your efforts and time becoming a thing. This past weekend, I saw the efforts of my labour come together fairly quickly as I’m knitting away for Christmas and, conveniently at the same time, working away at my stash.

I can write about these projects because a) I’m not specifying for whom they were made, and b) I doubt the recipients will read this blog.  I think this is a safe space. If you think you know the destined recipients, please, keep my secret!!

Saturday evening, this beauty flew off my needles. Bulky weight, 6 millimetre needles. I LOVE how simple the hat is, but then the designer hit you with a pop of interest with the crown decrease and these lovely cables.  The pattern is Subtle Twist Hat by Jennifer Tallapaneni, and I used up the better part of a skein of Berroco Vintage Chunky.

I’ve also started a hat I’ve been wanting to make for a while, Pathways by Erica Harbin.  This lovely hat was inspired by one worn on the show Once Upon a Time, and the first season of that show was filled with lovely pieces of knitwear.  I’ve had Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine 85 in my stash for years now, and it is working up like a dream in this project! The plying of this yarn is unusual, but it’s not affecting the fabric being created, so I’m happy.

I may find excuses to knit a few more hats because they are a seriously quick project, and I’m rather happy to find use for yarn that I’ve had on the shelves for some time now.  The Mercury is dropping and a few snowflakes have fluttered by. Winter is coming, friends.  I’m sure it won’t be hard to find reasons for hats.

Once Upon a Knitted Hat

In mid-November, I was recovering from a minor surgery – this meant lots of time on bed rest, turning off the brain, and watching countless hours of Netflix. On the suggestion of my BFF, I started watching Once Upon a Time. I know, I’ve very late to the party, as the show is now in its 7th season, and they’ve recently had a big cast change.   What really captured my interested while watching the show, besides the likable characters and interesting plot twists, were the knits. Shocker, huh.

In the first season, a few of the main characters wear stunning hats, and a simple google search found many a links to these patterns on Ravelry.

A few of my favourites:



Pathways hat, © Disneyette on Ravelry

Emma wears this hat in the episode ‘Dreamy,’ a worsted weight hat that looks like it would knit up quick!

Inspired Dreamy Beret

Once Upon a Time Inspired Dreamy Beret, © 2012 Bret Dalton Photography on Ravelry

Another hat from the Dreamy Episode, this one worn by Mary Margaret, another worsted project.

Mary Margaret’s Lace Tam

Mary Margaret’s Lace Tam, © Mary Craver on Ravelry

This time, a fingering hat shines in an episode from the first season.

Finally, I don’t think you can talk about Once Upon A Time without talking about the blanket from the pilot episode, the one baby Emma gets sent to the ‘Land without Magic’ all wrapped up in.  That blanket was designed by Cailtin ffrench and the pattern can be found here.

Sometimes, it’s hard to look beyond the knitwear when you’re watching different movies or TV shows, often times those knit pieces attain iconic status.  I’m looking at you Jayne’s Hat and Tom Baker’s Scarf. What other shows or movies have amazing knitwear?