A little show and tell

I have not one, but TWO finished objects to show off.

First, let’s start with the BIG ONE. The last I wrote was near the start of my Temperance Shawl. I wanted to get it done before a wedding in early June. Well, I’m pleased to say, I met that goal.

The pattern is Temperance Shawl (RAV LINK) by Malabrigo. I used three skeins of SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock, and I really mean, three skeins. Two of the three I finished with metres to spare. I had quite a few grams left of the third. I am so pleased with how these purples work together, and the size of this shawl feels so luxurious. It’s so BIG!

Once the project with a deadline was complete, I picked up the latest cowl I was working on – Paris in Berlin (RAV LINK) by Joji Locatelli. If you’ve read this humble blog before, or if you know me IRL and also lurk on here, you’ll know I love me a bandana cowl. In late April, I cast on using some Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) I had in my stash for several years. I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous about the final fit of this cowl. It is rather long from the point where it joined in the round with little increases, and from a previous cowl I made by Joji Locatelli, I found it far too bulky around my neck. But, those worries were misplaced as I find this cowl wears very nicely. I think, perhaps, the difference is both in the weight of the yarn (Paris in Berlin is fingering while the other cowl was DK), and the feel of the yarn, with the Koigu being so VERY soft. It used quite a bit of the yarn, with 40 or so metres spare.

And now that these two projects are complete, I’m once again in that limbo of what to make next. Sure, I could keep working on the various sweaters I have on the go, or work a few rounds on a sock or two… but wouldn’t it be far more fun to start something new.

Some Patience and Temperance

I’ve started a new shawl. I fell in love with the Temperance Shawl (RAV LINK) when it was released last year. Maybe it was the shawl, maybe it was the colours of the yarn, I’m not too sure which. I’ve finally gotten around to starting my own, although the colours are a wee bit different from the pattern.

In the first wave in Spring 2020, a LYS had a mystery yarn option – there were three price levels to choose from, and they put together a surprise bag with items equaling that price point. I received two lovely skeins of Sweet Georgia – a solid purple and a purple/multi coloured speckled – and they’ve sat in my stash until last week.

Last Saturday was LYS day, so I went back to that LYS where I got my first two skeins and bought a final skein of Sweet Georgia, the colour of which was a variegated purple, one that worked as an in-between for the first two. Not quite solid, not quite speckled.

So, last weekend, I finally cast on the Temperance Shawl. And then, a row or so in, I realized I made a mistake, so I frogged and once again cast on the Temperance Shawl. Little did I know, I would end up repeating this at least three more times. I lost track of exactly how many thanks to time passing and the sheer annoyance I felt in the moment.

It was worth it though. Temperance is coming along nicely, and these colours work so well together.

I’m HOPING to have this shawl finished by early June to wear to a wedding. It’s always the start of a shawl that feels like it goes the quickest, so even though I’ve made progress, I know it’s once I have rows with even more stitches that it will start to drag along. But, I have a goal, a deadline, and sheer stubbornness on my side.

Finished Object Friday – Nurmilintu

Please note – when pattern names are linked with quote marks around them, they are linked to Ravelry site pages. If there are no quote marks, they are links to previous blog posts or elsewhere on the internet.

This shawl is “Nurmilintu” by Heidi Alander

I’ve had this yarn, Sock Weight Silky from The Blue Brick, in my stash for quite some time. It’s a gorgeous colour and being 75% Merino, 15% Cashmere and 10% silk, it is simply glorious to feel. I’ve been waiting for the right pattern for it, and this shawl, with a combination of garter rows and three lace panels, ended up being a great fit.

Fall weather will be here soon enough in Southern Ontario, and I’m sure this shawl will be worn a lot in the coming months.

Soper Creek’s 2019 Yarn Challenge

Yarn challenge complete. This year was fun! In case you missed what I’m talking about, one of my Local Yarn Stores hosts a yarn challenge every late-winter. The owner chooses a yarn and colour palette, and she makes kits for participants to purchase. From there, each person makes a piece, and upon return to the LYS, she puts the pieces in her front window and people can vote for their favourites.  This year’s yarn was Briggs and Little Sport, and with it, I made this:



The pattern is Raspberry Field by Jana Markova. The overall structure was easy to follow. The confusion started with the lace. I really wanted to include the lace because it added a certain something to the project, but the designer didn’t design the lace chart to account for the increases at the beginning (RS) and end (WS) of each row, and it didn’t account for the decreases happening along the spine. I had to think really hard about how to proceed with this section.  Basically, for the first row, I went for it, started the lace where it should have started as per the chart, and I figured where to start each subsequent lace repeat by counting.

Despite the challenges in making the lace, I’m very happy with the final product. It’s woolly and warm, admittedly a little scratchy (because it is VERY woolly), but so cozy.

Storing Those Shawls

Like a great number of people, I binged Tidying Up with Marie Kondo when it premiered on Netflix, and I’ve been slowly going around my house, tidying, asking if certain objects ‘Spark Joy.’ My dresser drawers are a thing of beauty, all folded in thirds and stacked vertically. Where I’ve been struggling (even before KonMari entered my world) is my closet and how to store my knits.  The problem challenge with knitting so much is having somewhere to put all the new lovely wardrobe additions.


Previously, my completed shawls and cowls were placed unceremoniously into a cube shaped bin, no order, no rhyme or reason. Fed up last weekend, I dumped them all onto my bed and hit the mall.  And this is what I found:


This container has fifteen pre-divided compartments, and my shawls and cowls were able to roll up neatly and each has a home.  My bigger shawls are also rolled and are placed back into the cube, this time with more order.  I still have some space challenges in the closet, and I think they can only be solved with some sort of new dresser or wardrobe, basically I need more shelves.  For the time being, this solution works well and makes me super happy when I see it!

How do you store your shawls and knits? I’m always looking for new ideas and inspiration! Share your solutions!