A sweet goal

I’ve set a new goal for myself, and it has been met with delight by most people – I want to bake more this year.

I love being creative. I mean, you’re reading my knitting blog. I write, I knit, I love creating in the kitchen.

That said, I really have embraced the ‘Work smarter, not harder’ philosophy. For example, I adore my bread machine. You put all your ingredients in, you press start, and BOOM. Bread. Or pizza dough. Those are my two go-to staples. It’s not that I don’t know how to make dough from scratch. I do. But in my mind, why go through all the steps of proofing, combining, kneading (oh the kneading), etc etc etc, when I can just push start.

I tend to stick to the same recipes or the same hacks (my go to cupcakes/cakes start with a box mix – work smarter, remember), so I want to try new recipes, try new techniques, and challenge myself.

The first new recipe I tried was a Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookie recipe from practicallyhomemade.com. All in all, it was a simple recipe to follow, although I did deviate from their instructions when it came to baking.

I’m already twitchy to make it again, although this time, I’d sub the chocolate chips for toffee chips, and perhaps finish with a chocolate drizzle.

So, there we are. New goal that I’ll be documenting here along with all of my knits. Hope you enjoy!