My First Crafting Love

Like many other crafters, I don’t knit exclusively.  I’ve enjoy creating and have enjoyed it since I was young.  I think I was still in elementary school when I found my first crafting love, cross stitch.  Mum did it, so I thought to take it up.  It was fairly easy to learn, just make little ‘x’s using the perforated fabric, but there are so many other little tricks and tips I learned over the years.  You should have seen the back end of my first project, a star shaped Santa Claus ornament, which I believe my grandmother still has to this day; I just decided one afternoon that I wanted to give it a try, found a pattern and some aida cloth, and started making little ‘x’s.  Because I took it upon myself to learn (apparently that’s the way I do things), no one told me you had to weave in the ends at the back!  They say you can tell a lot about the skill of a cross stitcher not by the front of the project but from the back, and thank goodness over the years my skills improved.

Before I was knitting, cross stitch was the creative outlet that kept me sane.  During university exam season, I was cross stitching when I needed a sanity break from studying.

I very rarely cross stitch these days.  I find that it requires much more attention to detail, following the pattern, than knitting does.  I can passively knit and purl away at a scarf or sock while watching TV, but when I try that with cross stitch, I barely pay attention to anything else around me.  But on those rare occasions when I pick up a much smaller needle and DMC Thread, I’m in my wheelhouse.

On sites like Pinterest, I’ve noticed the trend seems to be keeping the finished project inside the hoop, and I really do like this look.  Within the past year, I’ve finished two projects, and rather than ‘framing’ them, I’ve kept the hoop as the frame, a more rustic finish.

For my sister, to whom I owe my addition to Supernatural, I made her this:

A Dean Winchester quote and the Supernatural Anti-Possession Mark
A Dean Winchester quote and the Supernatural Devil Trap

And for my mother, who I am sure loves our Border Terrier, Tucker, more than her children*, I made this:

Border Terrier Sampler
Border Terrier Sampler

Very simple, self-designed projects, both bringing me back to my first crafting love.

*Please accept this for the sarcastic, not at all serious comment that it is!  Although, if you’ve ever met my dog, you’d understand why he does rank fairly high for our affections.  He’s pretty awesome.