On Accidentally Deleting a Post, and other news…

Sighhh… It’s a beautiful afternoon. In fact, the weather in southern Ontario has been very summery for the last three or four days. My back deck has become a new solace and escape for me, so much so that I thought I would take my iPad outside and write a post for this week while sitting under the shade of my patio umbrella. Take advantage of this weather while we have it, right?

My iPad is old. It serves me well with many and most purposes, and I don’t need the newest and shiniest, but being older (I mean, running on iOS 9-point-something older), the wordpress app sometimes is laggy. Laggy in that last week’s post looked like it was still in draft format . Long story short, I deleted what I thought was a draft; like, perma deleted. What I wrote last week seems to be gone. Ugh.

The gist of last week’s post was that I finished my Mount Pleasant (by Megan Nodecker) crop top. there you are. Last week’s post in a nutshell.

Within that post, I might have lamented having to alternate skeins, which took time in making what should have been a quicker knit; and speaking of quick knits, I shared a picture of my latest sweater, V-Neck Magpie.

Well, didn’t this project just fly off the needles! It was finicky and fussy in places, but all in all, a super quick project.

I’ve been less enthusiastic about knitting my usual socks and shawls (gasp, I know), and I came to a realization while texting a friend about it: I have a lot of socks and shawls. I have socks in all colours, and shawls of all shapes, sizes, and constructions. My knitting wardrobe feels fairly complete at the moment with those accessories, and yet I’m looking at a stash of largely single skeins of sock yarn. Mount Pleasant and the Magpie series used a small(ish) amount of sock yarn and adds a garment to my wardrobe that’s different and (seemingly) filling a need.

If I was to make Magpie again (which I’m tempted to do), I already know I would try a few techniques a little differently. It may work, or it may have been written the way it was for a reason (trust the designer, Lisa…).

And now that my latest sweater is off the needles, I’m stuck with the never-ending dilemma of what to cast on next. I may have splurged supported a LYS by buying enough yarn to make a Hogwarts cardigan from Knitting Magic: The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book, but the LAST thing I want to do is knit on a hot back deck with heavy worsted weight wool.

It might be back to the shawls, until the fall at least…

Le Pouf is Le Finished, and other adventures

I am so happy with my latest cardigan, the Le Pouf by Beata Jezek. Using fingering yarn held double, it really did knit up quickly, but the stress with this project, oh man! The pattern is free and all in all a good pattern, but, it is a faded pattern and it does not advise exactly when to fade. My kitchen scales and I got very well acquainted while I was working on this sweater, fearful that I would run out of yarn as I was working on it.  Four of the skeins I used for this project I purchased from Knitter’s Frolics in years past, so buying more would be very, very challenging.

I kept my project notes on Ravelry full of detail, because as I was working on my sweater, other’s notes were very helpful for me. Hopefully mine may be of some use to knitters working on this sweater in the future. I will say, this pattern was a great way to use skeins of sock yarn that have been kicking around a stash for some time! Try it out, play with different colour combos!

On Saturday, while my cardigan sat drying, a few friends of mine and I went to Burlington to the latest yarn launch for The Blue Brick. My one friend in particular absolutely adores this dyer, and really, can you blame her? The Blue Brick’s yarns are all dyed inspired by photographs she takes, and they are typically tonal or ombre and simply stunning to see.

I’ve been working on the Samwise Cowl, designed by Shireen Nadir of Blue Brick, using her Luxe DK in Moscovy I bought back in the summer.  The fade is very subtle but it is indeed fading into the blue!

At the yarn launch on Saturday, I was good to my bank account and my stash (which I’ve resolved to be very choosy about adding to) and I bought one of the shawl cuffs she made; I’m in love.


As part of the launch, there were door prizes, four given away in total. A few guests who left early gave my friends and I their tickets, so I had three for the afternoon; I was off by one number for the second draw, and off by two on the third.  The final draw was a sweater’s quantity of yarn, an ombre DK sweater kit. This time, it was my number that was pulled! The day before was pretty low for me, so to have February start with good friends and winning yarn, it was a much needed pick-me-up. I am beyond thankful for this generous prize and cannot wait to start a sweater that will hopefully be worthy of this beautiful yarn.


Finished Object Friday

Just after the new year, I finished my first project of 2020!


Pattern: A Cropped Sweater for Winter by Andi Satterlund
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Avalon (main colour), and Cascade Yarns Luna (contrast)

The cotton has a nice weight, although I don’t know if I would make another structured sweater with cotton as it wears differently though the day than wool tends to. The sweater pattern was free (yay!) with excellent photos assisting in places where the written instructions were a little confusing.

Was able to use three and a half skeins from my stash (yay!) while the contrast colour was generously supplied from the stash of my friend Victoria! Forever grateful to her!

Am I Becoming a Sweater Knitter?

With Weekender off my needles, I couldn’t wait to start something new, and what did I cast on? Another sweater. This time around, the pattern is Le Pouf by Beata Jezek, a great way to use up all that sock yarn I’ve been buying at frolics and fairs through the years. With the yarn held double, I needed six skeins of fingering to make this cardigan, and these ones just look so good together.


The yarns are Northern Bay Fibres Luxury (Speckled Slate), Urth Monokrom Fingering, Lake Knit Yarns Loch Sock BFL (Lucky Stone), All Dyed Up! Fibres (Ivy, the darker green & Sir Ulrich with the lilac tones), and Stitch Please Amethyst Label (Men in Tights).

The Stitch Please has been in my stash since 2016 while the Urth I purchased a few weeks ago, the sixth skein needed to finish the sweater.

This pattern is free from Hedgehog fibres, but not long after casting on, I faced a dilemma: I like a LOT of directions.  This pattern gives guidelines on how to fade and go between the colours, but it does not give exact rows on when to do it, and this stresses me out, more than I expected.  Even though the sweater is coming along quickly (sock weight held double will do that), it’s not getting the attention it should because I’m the one who has to decide when to fade and that it just simply too much pressure.

Instead, I searched Ravelry and found a different pattern to start! Once again, I’m using up yarn that has been in my stash for what feels like forever. The pattern is A Cropped Sweater for Winter by Andi Satterlund, again a free pattern.

How many sweaters does one have to have in progress to be considered a sweater knitter? Asking for a friend…

End of the Weekend(er)

While I was stuck on sleeve island last week, having to reknit an entire sleeve of my Weekender sweater, the stay on the island was blissfully short. So short, in fact, that by the end of the weekend, I saw the end of my Weekender.

Isn’t blocking a wonderful thing? Excited to be finished with ends woven in, I took a quick pic with the sweater fresh off the needles:


The bottom hem is puckering slightly and the arms aren’t sitting right (and while SUPER comfy, the pj pants don’t really compliment the sweater). But, after a bath with some Soak:


Quickly snapped this before heading out the door for work. The morning smile is VERY forced, but the sweater, oh the sweater, it’s falling nicely, it’s boxy and drapy, and the Cascade 220 is only slightly itchy to my picky skin.

All in all, this was a great pick-up/put-down project.  It was simple enough to be able to visit and revisit when wanted, it had enough interest with the fake seam along the middle, and, in my humble opinion, it’s comfy, warm and flattering. My only downside was the sleeve decreases didn’t work out well with my shortish arms, but otherwise, I knit as per the pattern, no other mods, and it took four and a half skeins.