A few weeks ago, I finished completed a lovely asymetrical shawl, Smash by Rebeka Darylin, a FREE pattern available on Ravelry.  Head over, check it out, rummage through your stash for the perfect fingering yarn, and make this shawl.  I was able to knit it over two weeks or so, and the pattern itself was simple to memorize.  The asymmetry truly grabbed my attention to begin with, and the fact that Ms. Darylin made hers with a bright purple and green yarn cemented my love for this project.  Her description of the pattern is fun to read, and it’s clear her inspiration was drawn from comic books and superheroes!

Smash in progress, mid-September.
Smash in progress, mid-September.

I made my Smash shawl with the lovely SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock in the Rockwater colourway.  Bright colours make me happy; I am not one to shy away from colour, and with its bright whites, tans, purples, and teals, this colourway was oh-so-me.  I bought the yarn a number of months ago at the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic and it has been tempting me in my stash! I finally settled on this pattern and it was a great knit!

The Completed SMASH
The Completed SMASH – many thanks a lovely co-worker for taking these pictures!

I’m deep into gift knitting.  Two projects are WIPs, and one is a zipper away from being finished (is it just me, or is installing zippers just the WORST part of a project?!). As the days fly by and the days start turning cold, I’m starting to feel the holiday season crunch!  My needles are consumed by knits, purls and cables.  Here’s hoping I can keep them moving fast enough to get the gifts complete!

Happy knitting!


On Saturday I Went a’Frolicing

This weekend was the Toronto Knitters Guild annual Knitters Frolic.  It was the 18th annual event, and my first time attending.  I left with an armful of yarn and a much lighter bank account.

Dozens of vendors attended, including indy dyers and yarn shops, and I was impressed at how geographically diverse it was!  There were plenty of vendors from the GTA, but also from the east coast and British Columbia!  I spent some time browsing in the morning, and in the afternoon, I met with a friend who I know from my LYS’s knitting circle, and we discovered we were each other’s yarn-enablers!

In actuality, I could have done much, much worse.  I bought more Turtlepurl sock yarn, this time in their Serenity colourway.  Kinda cunning, dontcha think?

Turtlepurl Turtle Toes - Serenity
Turtlepurl Turtle Toes – Serenity

I was also able to pick up a skein of Sweetgeorgia sock yarn for a good price; I had been eyeing this colourway for months now, simply loving the teals and browns.

Sweetgeorgia - Rockwater
Sweetgeorgia – Rockwater

I also fell in love with cotton yarn from Dye-Version, based out of Mississauga.  I debated what colour to buy, and they had so many options to choose from.  I settled on this lovely black and red yarn, two skeins of it with which I’m envisioning making a lovely summer scarf.  We spent time admiring the creativity of the colour names.  Mine is called Vampire Kiss.  So fun.

Dye-Version - Vampire Kiss
Dye-Version – Vampire Kiss

Finally, I was able to buy four skeins of Cascade 220, which is earmarked for making a Sontag.  What is that, you ask?  A Sontag is a style of wrap that was all the rage in the 1860s, named for the singer who popularized it.  I work for a Museum, and on occasion I have to wear a Victorian style costume, and this Sontag will provide extra warmth in the winter months.

Cascade 220 Heathers - Galaxy
Cascade 220 Heathers – Galaxy

The pattern I will use was first written in the 1860s, and another local museum, Pickering Museum Village, updated the pattern and re-wrote it into modern language.  Once I start the project, I’ll update my progress as I knit along.

The link for the PMV pattern can be found here.

Side note, life has been very busy and out-of-routine for the last week or so, so yes, my post is a day late!  My OCD side is rather irked by this inconsistency!!  See you next week blogging friends.