When yarn is better used…

I don’t love frogging. I’m a product knitter, so for me, the end goal is the finished object, the thing. Ripping back something you made, something you put months of work into, just feels so very wrong.

However, sometimes you need to look at one of those finished objects and wonder if it could have a better life.

I did just that with my Pendant Purls shawl.  Don’t get me wrong, the pattern was lovely and made a beautiful shawl, but I think I’m coming to the realization that I don’t love crescent shaped shawls. I rarely wear them; sometimes they’re too short to wrap around my neck, and I hardly ever wear them draped over my shoulders. This shawl has never really been worn and sits in my closet untouched, and so thinking that the yarn could be better used in another project, with Avengers Endgame playing in the background, I snipped.


And then I ripped.


I ripped, cried a little, and ripped some more.


And now I have about 100g of beautiful yarn that is ready to be used for something that I’ll actually wear.

But frogging still hurts my heart.

And I just kept knitting

And knitting… And knitting… And  then I knit some more.

I firmly believe I’m an extroverted introvert.  I’m able to play the role of an extrovert, I am able to flip the switch and extrovert all over the place. But deep down, I like the quiet, I value my solitude, I need to be able to recharge. All of the social distancing I’ve been doing this week may be driving the extrovert in me a little batty, but my introverted core is rather pleased. 

And so I’ve been knitting.  I got a three year project complete – more on this later; it’s a gift and I would hate for the receiver to find out about it early. This three year project was simple stockinette and a really great pick-up/put-down project, excellent for taking to the movies or, like in this last week, GREAT TV knitting.

I also got a pair of mittens made. Well, I got a second mitt complete.  

The yarn matches my slo-pitch team’s colours (can’t miss the team playing in lime green), and we usually start late in the spring and finish early in the fall, where it can be cool enough to warrant these bad boys.  I have enough yarn left for a hat, which, if things keep going like this, that should be completed in no time.  This pattern is Cross My Palms, by Kate Atherley.  I’ve made this pattern twice before and I LOVE it. 

Speaking of hats, I got a sock head hat done.  I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I got a LOT of knitting done this past week.  The hat was another stockinette movie knitting hat, but on Sunday, I took it to a walking trail and got a few rounds done.  

Fun fact- -1C is just a little too cold for outside knitting. Learned that one the hard way… Needless to say, got this bad boy done later that afternoon.

Finally (have I said I’ve been knitting a lot?), I joined a knit along challenge with one of my favourite yarn shops. I’m using up yarn that’s been in my stash for some time, and I’ve been working away at a sweater.  I had four skeins of Sheep’s Grey Briggs and Little, two skeins of blue Briggs and Little, and one skein of Shetland Tweed; Elkko has turned out to be a great pattern for highlighting these colours.

So, that’s what’s happening in my little corner of the world. Working from home and knitting. All. The. Knitting.

On my needles

Since finishing my latest cardigan, all my attention has been given to my Samwise Cowl. I get like that with lace patterns, where at first, it takes everything in me to get moving on it, but once I get used to the pattern and the repetitions, I cannot put the projects down, and this is indeed the case with Samwise.  The anticipation of the colour changes in the yarn certainly is helping as well, and I can certainly say that it is well and truly into the blue colour!

The pattern has three different charts to follow, and I’m at the point in the pattern where I have only one chart repetition to complete before edging garter stitches, but I still have quite a bit of this yarn left and am hoping to make it into the purple before I have to bind off.  I figure I have two options: work more repeats of this chart, or make the garter section super long.  I can’t even turn to other project examples on Ravelry because there is only one other person who has added this to their projects! I think my game plan will be to finish the chart repeat, add a lifeline, then repeat one more time.  If I don’t have enough yarn to do that final repeat, I can rip it all out knowing my stitches are held safely on the lifeline.  If all goes to plan, the cowl will be a little longer than the pattern itself calls for, but you should be able to see the beautiful fade this yarn is doing.

Le Pouf is Le Finished, and other adventures

I am so happy with my latest cardigan, the Le Pouf by Beata Jezek. Using fingering yarn held double, it really did knit up quickly, but the stress with this project, oh man! The pattern is free and all in all a good pattern, but, it is a faded pattern and it does not advise exactly when to fade. My kitchen scales and I got very well acquainted while I was working on this sweater, fearful that I would run out of yarn as I was working on it.  Four of the skeins I used for this project I purchased from Knitter’s Frolics in years past, so buying more would be very, very challenging.

I kept my project notes on Ravelry full of detail, because as I was working on my sweater, other’s notes were very helpful for me. Hopefully mine may be of some use to knitters working on this sweater in the future. I will say, this pattern was a great way to use skeins of sock yarn that have been kicking around a stash for some time! Try it out, play with different colour combos!

On Saturday, while my cardigan sat drying, a few friends of mine and I went to Burlington to the latest yarn launch for The Blue Brick. My one friend in particular absolutely adores this dyer, and really, can you blame her? The Blue Brick’s yarns are all dyed inspired by photographs she takes, and they are typically tonal or ombre and simply stunning to see.

I’ve been working on the Samwise Cowl, designed by Shireen Nadir of Blue Brick, using her Luxe DK in Moscovy I bought back in the summer.  The fade is very subtle but it is indeed fading into the blue!

At the yarn launch on Saturday, I was good to my bank account and my stash (which I’ve resolved to be very choosy about adding to) and I bought one of the shawl cuffs she made; I’m in love.


As part of the launch, there were door prizes, four given away in total. A few guests who left early gave my friends and I their tickets, so I had three for the afternoon; I was off by one number for the second draw, and off by two on the third.  The final draw was a sweater’s quantity of yarn, an ombre DK sweater kit. This time, it was my number that was pulled! The day before was pretty low for me, so to have February start with good friends and winning yarn, it was a much needed pick-me-up. I am beyond thankful for this generous prize and cannot wait to start a sweater that will hopefully be worthy of this beautiful yarn.


Can a Person Knit Only from a Stash?

I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions. If you are the type of person who does, please do not take my dislike as an insult, but I know me, I know how I operate, and resolutions are often set ups for failures. Rather, I like re-evaluating habits – this is something that could be done at any time in a person’s life. Habits are hard formed and can be hard to change up, and recently, my yarn buying habits are a wee bit out of control!

I’m hoping to make 2020 the year that I knit more from my stash. This does not mean I won’t be buying more yarn, I mean, change takes time people! But, I want to be more conscientious about my purchases.  I started 2020 with all my yarn entered into my Ravelry stash. Do you use the stash function? You really should. Mind you, the entering process can get tedious, but here is this one place with all my yarn, colourways, yardages, project ideas! It’s truly brilliant.

Annotation 2020-01-06 121322

Completely unsurprising, I have a fair amount of sock yarn in my stash. Shocker, I know. I want to work through my stash and purchase, as I said, conscientiously.  Prime example: a few weekends ago, my friend Victoria and I went to our LYS where I wanted to make a purchase. I hmm-ed and haa-ed about a few different skeins before purchasing two skeins of red sock yarn. Two skeins, but Lisa (I know you’re thinking), you said you were going to restrict your buying! These skeins are going to form the body of the Sock Arms Sweater by Stephanie Lotven. The highlight of the sweater are the fun arms, made with special skeins of sock yarn, and I have a skein of Biscotte ready to go for this garment.  I could have purchased another lovely skein, but that skein would have likely sat for some time in my stash, or I purpose bought two skeins that will be used almost immediately for a sweater. Buying for the sake of buying, or buying with purpose.

Here’s hoping, I can work down some of my stash this year, be more thoughtful about my purchases, and ultimately keep creating through the year.